Promoting a culture of life at the University and beyond


Oxford Students for Life is a non-sectarian, student-run society at the University of Oxford. We seek to promote a culture of life at the University and in the wider community, advocating the protection of human life and dignity from conception to natural death. We are committed to fostering dialogue and education on the issues such as abortion and euthanasia. We seek to provide women in need and student parents with the practical help and support that will enable them to choose life.

Upcoming Events

For our next event on Wednesday 10th June, we're excited to welcome on Zoom Emily Milne, a pro-life activist, and Michael Wee, a pro-life philosopher, to do an Ask Me Anything on why they are pro-life. If you're pro-choice, or pro-life, and want a firmer grasp of the what the pro-life position is and the arguments for it, do come along! Message us on social media or email us to book!

Get Involved

Drop by some of our events or send us an e-mail! Whatever your convictions, we'd love to hear from you.  You can also support our efforts with a small donation by clicking below!

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